ARP TFI is active in the creation and management of investment funds. We particularly focus on investments in green assets. We are committed to providing high-quality financial solutions that meet the needs of our clients. The foundation of our operations is lasting investor relationships based on trust and mutual success. ARP TFI counts among its most important areas of influence, in particular, the fight against negative climate change, by supporting decarbonization initiatives and projects that reduce negative impacts on the environment and biodiversity, as well as broadly understood socio-economic development, with a particular focus on local communities. These are areas with huge investment potential and attractive rates of return, in which, moreover, IDA has long-standing expertise.

ARP TFI is betting on non-public assets, in which, through the funds it manages, it will be an active investor, participating in building the value of portfolio investments, as well as developing their sustainability.

In building a portfolio of funds, we will invite recognized institutional investors from at home and abroad.