ARP TFI promotes ESG goals and applies ESG values in its daily operations. We deeply believe that following ESG principles contributes to the value creation in our organization.

We operate in the spirit of sustainable development and respect for the environment. We care about corporate governance and our employees. We are building a sustainable strategy that will define our development for years to come. By promoting ESG principles, we emphasize our commitment and desire to make changes for the better in the World around us.

Exclusion list

The Society-managed Polish Green Local Asset Fund will not engage in controversial sectors through the use of an exclusion list that includes:

  • Zero investment, in companies that violate human rights.
  • Zero investment, in exploration, mining or oil projects.
  • Zero investment, in projects that increase coal-fired power generation capacity.
  • Zero investment in the tobacco industry: cultivation, processing, production or sales, and companies whose tobacco-related revenues exceed 5%.
  • Zero investment in the arms industry related to weapons production, e.g., cluster munitions, biological or chemical weapons.
  • Zero investment in enterprises whose primary business is the production of potable alcohol.
  • Zero investment in enterprises whose gambling-related revenues exceed 5%.
  • Zero investment in enterprises whose any revenues are related to pornography.

Statement on consideration of adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainable development factors

ARP TFI S.A. on the basis of Article 4(1)(a) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2019/2088 dated November 27, 2019 on Disclosure of Information Related to Sustainability in the Financial Services Sector (“SFDR”), states that it takes into account the adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

Statement on the consistency of remuneration with the introduction of ESG risks, in accordance with Article.5 of the SFDR

ARP TFI S.A. sets targets and indicators related to sustainable development and recognizes risks for sustainable development when individually evaluating the performance of individuals covered by the “ARP TFI S.A. Variable Compensation Policy”. as an element of individual assessment in terms of non-financial criteria.