Participants in the panel “Local energy dilemmas – How to ensure security, resilience and susłainability in difficult times”.
From left: Urszula Jóźwiak – President of the Ignacy Krasicki XBW Foundation, Ryszard Niedziółka – Mayor of Kętrzyn, Tim Patterson – President of Economy Solition Group Limited, Tomasz Gackowski – CEO of ARP TFI S.A.

The 9th edition of the European Congress of Local Governments was held in Mikołajki on March 4-5, 2023. The Institute for Eastern Studies Foundation, in partnership with the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and the city and municipality of Mikołajki, organized the largest and most important local government conference of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, whose leading topic was: “The future of the idea of decentralization in a changing world.” The debates of the Congress touched on areas such as the management of local government units, mechanisms for the development of cities and regions, the potential of digitization, investment financing, environmental protection and security policy, among others. The program of the Congress was carried out within the framework of seventeen thematic tracks, such as Politics and Security, Economy and Finance, Local Government of the Future, International Cooperation, Green Energy, Regional Infrastructure and Health.

This year’s Congress of Local Governments could not take place without our participation. Prof. Tomasz Gackowski, our CEO took part in the panel discussion: “Local Energy Dilemmas – How to Ensure Security, Resilience and Sustainability in Difficult Times,” in which ARP TFI’s CEO, together with the Mayor of Kętrzyn Ryszard Niedziółka, the Head of the Municipality of Wisznice Piotr Dragan and the President of Economy Solution Group Limited Tim Patterson, discussed the energy transformation of our “small homelands” and how to structure the investments necessary to reduce CO2 emissions and become independent of hydrocarbons in the provision of municipal services such as heat, electricity and waste management by local governments. The panelists discussed how local governments can improve their energy efficiency and where to obtain financing for new investments. The panel was moderated by Urszula Jóźwiak, CEO, XBW Ignacy Krasicki Foundation.

This was another event where local governments were able to learn more about our investment policy within the framework of the Polish Green Fund. Among many debates, local government officials raised the need to counter exclusion and energy poverty. Our emerging Polish Green Fund (PGF), which will be managed by ARP TFI S.A., will support projects that contribute to counteracting climate change and building sustainable municipal infrastructure. President Prof. Tomasz Gackowski also participated in a workshop devoted to white certificates for local governments and how to strategically manage local government finances.

The congress has proved once again that local governments recognize the urgent need for new transformational projects and are looking for the best ways to implement them effectively – both on the technological and financial side. Prof. Gackowski confirmed that the local government green revolution is one of the most important megatrends of the coming years, and ARP TFI with the Polish Green Fund wants to be one of the most important vehicles for financing this fundamental transformation of Local Poland.